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Return Fire by The Lead

Return Fire - Acts 2:3. Recorded live to 2-track 11/9/85 Sync Studios, Miami FL. Produced by The Lead & Hal Spector. Engineered by Hal Spector. #3-0003

Cassette only release.


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Aug 13, 2014 09:23:24 PM
Here's a raw chunk of punk.

A fine alternative to the Patti Smith Group, The Lead closely resembles the true punk sound of the 70's more than any other early Christian punk band.

Track 6 displays the most talent on this cassette.

All songs are drenched in the blood of Christ.

Lead You To Repent (3:11)

The time is near & Jesus will appear
He died for the world & its sin
If you respect the Lord get ready to fear
For God's righteous judgement will begin
God's judgement will come to the world
God's going to judge mankind
If you want to live with Jesus
Just ask Him to control your mind
Surely you know that God is kind
He's trying to lead you to repent
But man's heart is so stubborn & hard
His evil ways have a terrible scent
The world puts the blame on the Lord Jesus
Don't put the blame on Him
He choose us from the start to be His kids
So love your brothers your enemies your friends

(II Corinthians 8:20 Ephesians 1:4)
(Robbie Christie - 1986)

Copyright 1986 The Lead

#1You Don't Know2:18
#2Kill Satan3:30
#3It's Thru You1:29
#4The Law Of Love3:34
#6Second chance2:31
#7Lead You To Repent3:11
#8Question What Authority1:53
#9One Step Ahead
#10Death Of A Gunfighter
#11Better Off
#12Lead Us To Salvation
#13Take Him Home
#14Get Out Of My Face
#15Hide His Name
#16It's A Crazed World
#17No Religion
#19Revolution In The Heart
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