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Return Fire by The Lead

Return Fire - Acts 2:3. Recorded live to 2-track 11/9/85 Sync Studios, Miami FL. Produced by The Lead & Hal Spector. Engineered by Hal Spector. #3-0003

Cassette only release.


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Aug 13, 2014 09:23:24 PM
Here's a raw chunk of punk.

A fine alternative to the Patti Smith Group, The Lead closely resembles the true punk sound of the 70's more than any other early Christian punk band.

Track 6 displays the most talent on this cassette.

All songs are drenched in the blood of Christ.

Throwaway (2:01)

"I cant do anything for you
Lord Ive got so much to do
Look @ my life You blessed it well
I dont even have to worry bout Hell"
Just another throwaway
"Ill finish the race even running behind
If You come back tomorrow
I hope not to look back
After all were talkin about Heaven
Though I hope You'll set the date back
Let no black cats cross my path
I promise You Youll see me at church
Wont you make me a happy girl"
(Julio Rey - 1986)

Copyright 1986 The Lead

#1You Don't Know2:18
#2Kill Satan3:30
#3It's Thru You1:29
#4The Law Of Love3:34
#6Second chance2:31
#7Lead You To Repent3:11
#8Question What Authority1:53
#9One Step Ahead
#10Death Of A Gunfighter
#11Better Off
#12Lead Us To Salvation
#13Take Him Home
#14Get Out Of My Face
#15Hide His Name
#16It's A Crazed World
#17No Religion
#19Revolution In The Heart
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