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Roses Like Razorblades by The 7 Method


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A Reason To Bleed ()

I don't know how to please You.
I don't know what Your wanting out of me.
But all I know is that I need You.
I want to be what Your calling me to be.
But every time I get near You,
I get a little intimidated by
the very reason I fear You,
the very reason I'm alive.
And I wanna give You my life,
so I can feel You.

So what do You need?
What do You want from me?
I know you saved the world,
so what could I mean?

Everything that I’ve searched for,
I’m finding out that it was all a big mistake.
And everything that I’ve lived for,
it is becoming much more than I can take.
But You have always kept me here,
although it seems I never understanded why.
Cause Your the only one that I fear.
The very reason I’m alive.
And I wanna give You my life,
so I can feel You.

Copyright 2005 The 7 Method

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