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Roses Like Razorblades by The 7 Method


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Say What You Will ()

I believe no matter how hard I try, I will never be the one that you wanted.
Sorry I let you down.
Should have never come around.
And I don't really care about what you say,
cause you have always been a little misguided.
You should just trust me now.
But you don't know how.

I can see it in the way that you smile.
I know exactly what you are thinking.
Why does it bother you, that I don’t believe like you?
All you care about is proving me wrong.
Even more than how you are living.
How can you justify, having your narrow mind?

So say what you will, but you can't change me.
I know you don't agree with what you see in me.
Say what you will, but you can't change me.
I know you don't agree, with what you see in me.

I believe that its a product of fear.
Your religion of absolution.
Your so weak inside, that you try to hide from everybody with a new idea.
A way of making everyone feel welcome.
Nothing original.
Just more dead rituals.

I feel your eyes.

They're cutting me.

I feel your eyes.

They make me bleed.

You feel my eyes.

They see through you.

Copyright 2005 The 7 Method

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