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The Inconsolable Secret by Glass Hammer

Fred Schendel: Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Vocals
Steve Babb: Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Walter Moore: Vocals
Susie Bogdanowicz: Vocals
Matt Mendians: Drums

Also Includes
Sarah Snyder: Featured Soprano
Bethany Warren: Backing Vocals and Girls Choir
Flo Paris: Vocals on “Long and Long Ago” and “Having Caught a Glimpse”
Eric Parker: Acoustic Guitar
Laura Lindstrom: Vocals on “Morrigan’s Song”
David Carter: Lead Guitar on “Long and Long Ago”


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Aug 15, 2014 10:25:33 PM
Double album at 100 minutes. 3 super long (20+ minutes each) super proggy songs followed by 10 normal length (5-10 minutes each) songs. Male and female vocals. Track 9 has a Keith Emerson (ELP) keyboard sound.
#1A Maker Of Crowns
#2The Knight Of The North
#3Long And Long Ago
#4The Morning She Woke
#6The High Place
#7Morrigan's Song
#8Walking Toward Doom
#9Mog Ruith
#10Through A Glass Darkly
#11The Lady Waits
#12The Mirror Cracks
#13Having Caught A Glimpse
has lyrics

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