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On To Evermore by Glass Hammer

The fourth epic Glass Hammer release features Walter Moore on lead vocals for the first time, with the rest of the band at their usual sweeping, grandiose best. Impeccable production, a highly narrative storyline, and incredibly tight musicianship and songwriting make this one of the best Glass Hammer releases. The seventeen-minute epic "Arianna" has to be heard to be believed.

Fred Schendel: Lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, sitar, mandolin, flute, drums
Steve Babb: Lead and backing vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, percussion
Walter Moore: Lead and backing vocals, guitars, drums
David Carter: Electric guitar


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#1On To Evermore
#2The Mayor of Longview
#3The Conflict
#6Only Red
#7This Fading Age
#8Junkyard Angel
#9Twilight on Longview
#10Wind (Rare Bonus Track)
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