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Scream on the Cross by Uniao


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Jun 16, 2014 11:25:41 PM
This album is as intense as the profound artwork. No disappointment with great rocking (occasionally galloping) metal, coherent vocals, and emotion provoking lyrics. Production is stellar. It is not until track 5 that they briefly come up for air, it has a beautiful acoustic intro and church bell ending to a rocking song about forgiveness. Track 6 should make any Christian cry, it is an intense dramatization of the nails pounded into our Savior. Sung in Aramaic? Track 9 is about the nation of Israel seeking peace, it starts off in Hebrew. Track 12 is purely instrumental, which is a fine way to finish a masterpiece. This is emotional metal! eMET?

If you were blessed by this album, check out 'Scream of the Guillotine'.
#1Awakening (intro)01:14
#2Unknown World06:17
#3Mercy - Part I: Darkest Day06:01
#4Mercy - Part II: Born Again03:51
#5Travel in Darkness07:10
#7Scream on the Cross05:50
#8Diary of Child05:18
#9Messenger of Peace01:43
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