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We Are The Music Makers by Joy Electric

Tooth & Nail release: TND 1052
UPC: 026297105228

Liner Notes:
There were no samplers, drum machines, computers, effects or traditional instruments used on this record. All sounds were created from scratch on the synthesizer with intent of making the Purest form of synthetic music possible. Even more important than the sounds, though, is as always, the song, which I will never forget for the Song is where the true beauty and magic will always be found, forever and ever. For all those reading the words of the songs and stories, never forget the name of the Everlasting Music Maker. His name is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Bright and Morning Star, our Creator, and the Saviour of all those who trust and believe on Him. His name be hallowed." - Count Ronald Martin


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#1Burgundy Years4:05
#2Old Castle Madrigal4:25
#3The Harvestry of Ghosts4:44
#4Hansel (I Will Be Your Friend)3:54
#5Christendom On White Horses4:53
#6Pilgrimage (Lo, I Am with You Always)4:20
#7The 100 Knighthood4:18
#8May All Saints4:50
#9The Road to Monarchy4:32
#10I Beam, You Beam4:46
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