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Solace by Lengsel

"I can not quit listening to this disc!!!"

"If you do not own this cd you are truly missing out on an unparallelled
metal experience!!!"

"Fronted by Extol's Tor Magne Glidje Lengsel play impossibly tight,
blistering fast, yet surprisingly melodic and emotive black metal"

"Blending doom, thrash and progressive metal with some tinges
of death, Lengsel gives new meaning to the term "power trio.
If you dig the European scene and its many metal bands, then this
album is a surefire add to your collection."

"Has everybody gone totally crazy this month? The next Hammer to
hit you is LENGSEL'S SOLACE!"

"They have approached black metal from a direction no one else has.
They are so complexly layered and technical that they will seem chaotic
and disorganized to the casual listener, yet they are highly technical and
exact. While all this complexity is going on, they are forming some of the
most artistic and atmospheric nuanced songs I have ever heard"
Formed in '95 by Extol's bass player Tor, here he displays his skills at vocals and guitar with intricate and deeply spriritual Progressive Black Metal paradoxology -- creating music both complicated and chaotic, torn wide open by agonized seeking, and endorsing the imminent promise of eternal love. "Lengsel" means "longing/yearning" in English, but fans of intelligent heavy music will be totally satisfied. This was originally slated to be an import release, but is now available domestically on Solid State Records.

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