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The Dead Skin Demos by Eden in Ruins

The Dead Skin Demos

© 1999 Popenotes Music (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved

Lyrics Reprinted With Permission

all words and music written, arranged, and performed by Todd Pope


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Devastator ()


nightfall an errie time

better have your soul in check

the dark one is rising up

coming back from the depths

he walks the night again

seven years to reign

lord over the dying ones

bringer of pain

lucifer devastator - now he has control

satanic arbitraitor - he won't get my soul

to torture to hate to kill

revelation is true

lord over the dying ones

don't let him conquer you

lucifer devastator - seven years in control

satanic arbitraitor - living just to kill

lucifer devastator -tests your very will

satanic arbitraitor -i would rather die than bow

to you!

Copyright 2000 Eden in Ruins

#1Corridors of Deception
#2Atomic Crystal
#3Dead Skin
#4Heavy Against Me
#5Reflection of What once Was
#6Bringer of Balance
#8Heavy Against Me (demo 1996)
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