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Martyrium by Antestor

"Martyrium blows the new album "The Return Of The Black Death" to shreds, I tell ya. This one completly rules!"

" They continue to show their mastery of fusing black with doom and death."

"An album that will be one of the pinnacles of Christian metal scene"

"Be prepared to pee your wittle pants!"

"This is a very serious, dark sounding release, no happy guitars or vocals. The guitar work is very Sabbath-like on the doom parts, but displays plenty of fast imperial / medieval rhythms."

"What is it about northern Europe? Is it something in the water?"

"It has many times been said that Antestor are the masters of "sorrow blackmetal" and I can't find any reason for saying anything else..."

"I highly recommend this tape to anyone who enjoys the extreme side of things, but is not afraid of beauty in the midst of intensity"

"This is a remarkable cd for many reasons. Although this is just now seeing the light of day on Endtime Productions, this second release from Antestor is actually their first release as it was recorded before their Cacophonous records debut "Return of the Black Death", not only was it recorded before "RotBD" it was recorded all the way back in 1994! That is amazing considering Christian metal had not yet even begun to experience the sounds of true "black metal"..."

"Thanks to Samuel at Endtime for putting this out. Fans of Black metal and dark death metal will want to get this at all cost!"

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