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The Forsaken by Antestor

Endtime Productions.

The Digipak Edition (Lmt 1000x) is made to fit perfectly into the Det Tapte Liv CDBox (Lmt 1000x).

CD Press:
1st: 1000x released in digipak.
2nd: *x Jewelcase

Benelux release by Fear Dark.


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Feb 11, 2014 02:31:20 PM
I have the Brasilian version of this album, this is my fav black album and in my opinion one of the best in the history of unblack metal, a very solid record that grab you in just few seconds.

Via Dolorosa ()

You're Ideals Are Wicked And Deceiving
How Can You Find Peace
You Seek The Righteous, But Find The Void

Die By The Sword Of Live By The Book
Glimpse You're Death Within The Scythe
Seek The Righteous, Find The Truth
The Book Of Eternal Youth

Of Generations
Cold As Stone, You Wander Still
Awaiting Your Inevitable Death
Your Quest Has Ended Where It Began

But Is There Really A Life For Me
Is There A Place To Dwell
Pleasures Of The Flesh
Via Dolorosa

Of Fear And Despair, You've Wandered
Of Hatred And Grief, You've Slaughtered
I've Seen You In Your Darkest Hour
I Know You As Myself

But Is There Really A Life For Me...

Via Dolorosa, Memento Mori

In You I've Found My Nothing
In You I Can't Hide My Pain
In You My Love Has Gone
In You I've Kept My Cold

Captor Of Sin, You've Stolen My Past
Via Dolorosa
I've Waisted My Life For You

My Hate You Create
My Blood Is Water
My Life Means Nothing
My Warmth Has Vanished

Copyright 2005 Antestor

#1Rites Of Death
#2Old Times Cruelty
#3Via Dolorosa
#5The Crown I Carry
#7Vale Of Tears
#8The Return
#9As I Die
#10Mitt Hjerte
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