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The Return of the Black Death by Antestor

Promo versions in cardboard sleeves also exists


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The Bridge of Death (5:31)

Weakened By The Things I've Done
Blackened Has My Soul Become
Satan Says He'll Set Me Free
But He's A Loser Just Like Me
The Things I've Done In My Past
It Haunts My Soul And Kills At Last
My Life Is A Path Of Pain
No Light And Laid In Chains

My Effort Contains No Meaning
The Srenght I Had - Now Weakening
As Time Passes The Soul Is Screaming
The Wall Of Grief Inside Increasing

Father, I Don't Need These Emotions
Why Won't You Just Stop The Pain
My Heart Has Become Hard As Stone
I've Brought Upon Myself A Wall

Jesus You Fought The Battle For Me
Help Me To See That You Sets Me Free

How Can I Manage To Live
I Don't Receive As Much As I Give
The Dark Side Of An Emotional Soul
Will Not Let This Become His Goal

A Struggle Against The Evil Within,
A Fight Which No Man Can Ever Win
Fooled By The Lie, Of Changing My Destiny
I Fought The Truth, Never To Rest In Peace
Is There A Way, How Can I Pay

Jesus You Fought The Battle For Me
Help Me To See That You Set Me Free

Copyright 1998 Antestor

#2A Sovereign Fortress 4:54
#3Svartedauens Gjenkomst (The reappearance)4:42
#4Sorg (Sorrow)6:14
#5The Bridge of Death5:31
#7Kilden - Lik En Endelös Elv6:23
#10Ancient Prophecy8:00
has lyrics

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