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Into the Pit by Ultimatum

Into The Pit was released on October 30, 2007 and is available on,,, RadRockers, GirderMusic, Blastbeats,, iTunes,, Century Media Records, Nightmare Records, Mardels, etc.

Album cover art by Rexorcist.

CDs, as well as T-shirts and posters of this cover are now available:

"Into the Pit" was also rumored to be released on limited edition, color 12" vinyl.


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May 26, 2014 02:40:43 PM
So it says rumored to be released on colored vinyl. Was it ever released on vinyl?

Exonerate (3:42)


Born into the nature of evil, Sin inherent in
man. Cast from the garden into darkness
fellowship denied. Denied!

Holiness, unattained, Perfection beyond
our grasp, Holy eyes turn away from
righteousness of flesh. Of flesh!

Exonerate, Exonerate
Liberate, Liberate
Completely set free

Set Free, set free, Iím free, Indeed!
Set Free, set free, Iím free, Indeed!

Destitute, despised, forsaken. Model of
succession. Unnatural act, unselfish love
Forgiveness in our reach. Forgive me Lord!

Praise the One who paid the debt, The
debt I could NOT pay, Raise this life,
from the dead, Fellowship restored.

All Leads: Robert Gutierrez

Copyright 2007 Ultimatum

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