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Into the Pit by Ultimatum

Into The Pit was released on October 30, 2007 and is available on,,, RadRockers, GirderMusic, Blastbeats,, iTunes,, Century Media Records, Nightmare Records, Mardels, etc.

Album cover art by Rexorcist.

CDs, as well as T-shirts and posters of this cover are now available:

"Into the Pit" was also rumored to be released on limited edition, color 12" vinyl.


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May 26, 2014 02:40:43 PM
So it says rumored to be released on colored vinyl. Was it ever released on vinyl?

One For All (5:24)


Chains of oppression, shattered by death, nailed to a cross.
Life abundant in Christ alone, One for all.
Freedom so sweet itís to die for, a slave no more. A cup so bitter,
filled with blood, One for all

One for all, Fill this place with blood
One for all, Crimson stain no more

Wage of Sin, ends in death, humanity fall. A life
laid down, willingly given, ONE FOR all

First & Third Lead: ROBERT GUTIERREZ
Second & Fourth Lead: AUGUSTINE ORTIZ

Copyright 2007 Ultimatum

#1One For All5:24
#4Blood Covenant3:21
#5Heart of Metal4:40
#6Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover)2:53
#9Blind Faith4:20
#10Into the Pit 3:08
#11Game Over5:18
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