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Metal Mission: Brazilian Collection III by VARIOUS


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Mar 25, 2014 09:45:12 PM
I listened to this compilation blindly. I didn't check who did what song until I was finished. I LIKE THIS DISC!. Well worth the wait tracking down.

1) Very cool trad heavy metal song. Completely coherent English.
2) Power metal. Portuguese.
3) Trad metal. Coherent English.
4) Beautiful harmony intro followed by heavy riffing followed by piano followed by soaring guitars. Coherent female fronted.
5) Power metal. Coherent English.
6) Power metal. Coherent English.
7) Trad metal. Coherent English.
8) Trad metal. Harsh and normal vocal mix. Portuguese and English mix.
9) Heaviest of the trad songs. Coherent English.
10) Trad metal. Coherent English.
11) Trad metal instrumental. Nice jam! Tight!!
12) Whoa! Perhaps this is the heaviest?!? Portuguese.

The great country of Brazil is on a metal mission. They are perhaps the heaviest now.
#1Heaven Cavalry - Without Fear
#2Sceptrum - Fim Dos Dias
#3Amos - Shadows Of Thy Cross
#4Kerix - When I Accepted
#5Stractum Force - Profane Legends
#6Lux Salutis - I Am Immortal
#7Angel X - Ghost Ship
#8Metal Live - For You
#9Overture - The Fire Is Open Again
#10Clean Heart - Time To War
#11Juliano Collombo - Fire
#12Slave - Promessas
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