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The Occupants Of A Prominent Place by Ezekiel's Eye


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The Only Constant ()

I still love you
Even when I don’t feel
You still stay the same
You never change

This will be what I will tell the world
You are here
In my heart you’ll stay with me always
I am yours

My back’s against the wall again
Where have you gone
Creatively you love me
No longer will I be downcast
I am nothing without you

You said you never never leave me
But times I feel so alone
Is there any hope for me
My hope is in what’s not seen

Copyright 2003 Ezekiel's Eye

#1The Only Constant
#2Absolute Necessity
#3Hold My Breath
#4Say It Again
#6Flicker And Burn
#7Love Letter
#8Washed Away
#9The Way I Feel
#10Occupied Moment
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Nothing to see here

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