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Paralysis EP by Extol

YES!!! The Mighty EXTOL is back with a Swedish EP release only - and as "MESMERIZED" was THE great sequel to "BURIAL", "PARALYSIS" takes the sound of "UNDECIEVED" one step beyond he impossible. Featured is what many wished for years - EXTOL doing a cover of the classic BELIEVER track, "SHADOW OF DEATH" will NOT be disappointed!


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Your Beauty Divine (5:05)

I feel Your tenderness
Like fresh raindrops fulfilling my needs

Source of pleasure
You are the only One to satisfy my inmost yearning
The One who knows me
More than anyone, I'm transparent before Your eyes
The love You give me
You prove it constantly, I can't deny Your radiant love

Release Your love in me
Restore Your love in me

Faithful Father
Teach me how to avoid stumbling through live
Change me once again
Reveal Your presence, diminish my ego
Draw me closer
Let me taste Your Beauty Divine
Into Your fathom
Cleanse my eyes so I can see Your trusting love's perfection

Let my surroundings sense Your atmosphere
I'm weary of waiting for love to shine right through me
I wish to lay down my life and serve like You showed me
Forgive me Father, for being cynical in all ways

Copyright 2001 Extol

#2Your Beauty Divine5:05
#3Shadow of Death3:39
#4Human Frailtie's Grave4:31
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