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Brain Cleaner by Mortification



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Livin' like a Zombie ()

Words: Steve Rowe
Music: Mick Jelinic

Drivin' home after the show
Livin' after 2 AM
Shared the message with the crowd
Made up of the living dead
Called into the night,
To bring the light of day
Feel alright to go on stage
Light is bright as the darkness fades

Wake up at 11 AM
Hear the night still in my head
Smell of second hand cigarettes
Splashes of the brew
This is the place I feel at home
Where the lost all gather to
Hear the news of the light
Comin' to save their souls

Night shift, Livin' like a zombie
Shoutin' about the break of day
Point to the light in the sky
Night shift, Livin' like a zombie

I feel like a zombie sometimes
Struggle to rise in the morning
Some days I rise at dawn
But often have nocturnal callings

Copyright 2004 Mortification

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