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Eye on the prize by Stevie & the Saints

There are signs of life from the Christian rock world. What we get here is a "No-frills, head-crunching array of religious themed rock. And it comes with lots of hard-as-brick guitar and bluesy, screaming vocals. And who cares if the band cops a ZZ Top lick here and there? Breathing life into the lazy world of Christian Rock is a higher cause.
-The Daily Breeze


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Jun 25, 2014 11:02:40 PM
More of a George Thorogood feel. Longer, harder-hitting, and more female vocals than 'Metalblue'. Again, all Godly lyrics.

Track 4 Am I hearing a saxophone? Melody sounds like Aerosmiths 'Big 10 Inch Record'
Track 8 Female backing works well
Track 9 George Thorogood could do this song without most people being any the wiser.
#1Power In The Blood
#2Psalm 3
#3Pass Me Not
#4Rock And A Hard Place
#5No Blooz Blooz
#6Eye On The Prize
#7Moment Of Pleasure
#8Ball & Chain
#9Soldier Of Fortune
#10Wayfaring Stranger
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