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Revolution Will Begin in the Blink of an Eye, the - Vol. 1 by VARIOUS

A good mix of hard rock, punk and grindcore tracks with a little extra thrown into the mix. Also features rare demos from bands such as Bleach, Relient K, Holland, Norma Jean, Survival Car, Forever Texas, Aaron Harltey from Theory 8 and Scott Siletta from Vanishing Point.


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#1"Goodnight, Good Fight" - Evan Anthem, the
#2"Mercedes Baby" - House of Heroes
#3"Saratoga" - Embraced
#4"Vow of Silence" - Showdown
#5"On Our Way" - Wellwater
#6"Carry On" - Johnny Come Lately
#7"We Are Trouble by the Truckloads" - the Connotations
#8"A Beautiful Life" - Marcco
#9"Lately" - Colson
#10"Maybe the Butler Did It" - Uriah Omen, the
#11"Running Out" - Andy Zipf
#12"In My Head" - Matt Beckler
#13"Reflections That Pale in Comparison" - Boywunder
#14"Cellar, the" - Back Alley Fights, the
#15"Poison Ivy" - Matthew Thiessen & the Earthquakes
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