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Sacrifice by 441


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Oh No ()

And I see you stand there
Under the lonely center stage
Ah looking alright
Like something in a Harper’s design

Every time you turn around
Holding in a bitter crown
But your heart is untied
You know where you go

Oh no, oh no, tell me tell me
Where did you come from?

Last time
‘Cause there’s a sign now
It’s a little sign now of a heartache
Wandering days alone
To be on the side of all the people looking right
But you say it’s O.K.

Oh no, oh no, tell me tell me
Where did you come from?
Oh no, oh no, where did you go?

And if I say it again
I see you alone
Gonna say it again ‘til the cows come home
Say it, say it, say it
One more time

Every time I get alone
Turning in my heart, too far
Get it, get it, get it again
Gonna say it

Gonna say it

Copyright 1988 441

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