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Forty Days Tempted by 40DT

Reviewed by Ben Price from

Opening into a deep, building, synth sound, then kicking into huge funk metal guitar riffs, this album immediately grabs you by the scruff of the neck and shouts that this is going to be a heavy hip hop/metal blend of that thing called "music". Laced with scratching that would make Afrika Bambata raise an eyebrow, newsreel samples and funky wah wah, this is an excellently produced album, matching up well to its secular contemporaries. There's a recognisably "Mission lmpossible"-influenced bass reference in the reflective "No More Me". With some excellent guest rapping from Gotee's John Reuben (who also holds a Writing credit) on "Extra Terrestrial", a song simply about how we, as mankind, are all different but equal under God. Stylistically wide-ranging, there are even noticeable flecks of Eminem and Beck on tracks seven, (seemingly untitled), and eight respectively. However, just when you're on your feet, arms in the air and all "BooyakashaBigUplnnaArea-40DTMassive", you hit "Summer (Your Love)" and everything suddenly becomes all nice again and your dad's come in going, "Oh this is good, who's this son?" There's certainly a lot to talk about with this album, even a hidden track (oops!) but to summarise the sound you get upon placing this in your stereo; it's Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock in sackcloth and sandals!

ROWE 029


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#1Feel the Funk
#2No More Me
#3Extra Terrestrial (featuring John Reuben)
#4There's Something Out There
#5Tear Apart
#6Hack It
#7(bonus track)
#8Get Up
#11Summer (Your Love)
#12Let it Flow
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