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Jeanne D Arc by Thy Majestie


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The Rise of a King (6:29)

Pray for your brave mates,
Serving the cause of my Dauphin they fell
With daring courage they found their destiny
The time has come, no regrets, we move to Reims this night
There is a man to be crowned
Iíll walk the way to Reims with you

The way is threatened by dangers
It seems to be a difficult task
A bloody journey in the land
Which belongs to the Dauphin

The blood that flows in your veins
Is pure blood of the kings
The holy anointing you need
God is by your side

We are safe in Reims today
People were standing
They acclaim to the King
The holy anointing you need to seal your rising

The blood that flows in your veins
Is pure blood of the kings
So you must claim to the throne, it is your destiny
The crown you was denied,
It will be put on your head
So now in Reims a King is rising

Through the gates of the ancient hall
My Dauphin I see invested with power
Now is done the pleasure of my Lord,
He wants the invader out of these lands
Out of the gates of the ancient Reims,
People are waiting for, a new King is risen
Holy visions run in my head
But I cannot see the man I looked for
It is a sadness feeling.

Copyright 2005 Thy Majestie

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