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The Triptych by Demon Hunter

Came in one of four different limited edition covers.


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Deteriorate ()

Time has had its way with me
My broken, tired hands can't build a thing
The wires that have held me still
Embedded now in flesh, define my will
The idle of my days has won
The empty I have fed has made me numb
Despite what you will find in me
The failures of my past still swell beneath

I need a heart that carries on through the pain
When the walls start collapsing again
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow
Despite the infection within

Our careless feet leaving trails
Never minding the fragile dirt that we all end in

This is where I find my fall
The cares that held me life don't work at all
And every step away from here
Is closer to the plague I hold so dear

Awaiting my end
Breathing in the day that finds me new
Redemption begins
Bleeding out the flaws in place of you

Copyright 2005 Demon Hunter

#1The Flame That Guides Us Home
#2 Not I
#4Relentless Intolerance
#6The Soldier's Song
#7Fire To My Soul
#8One Thousand Apologies
#9The Science Of Lies
#10Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
#12The Tide Began To Rise
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