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Shotgun Angel by Daniel Amos


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Shotgun Angel ()

Well, I've been drivin' all night
And I know I'm gettin' tired
But I havn't got far to go
Think I'll push this southbound eighteen wheeler
A little farther on down the road
I've been drivin' like a fool,
Dodgin' all the truck stops
tryin' hard to make it home
I gotta' put the hammer down
Drive it in the ground
Think I'm goin' crazy just from
Drivin' alone

Well, my eyes are gettin' heavy
And I ran out of vitamins
Six or seven hours ago
So I thought I'd try to raise me a northbound jimmy
On my C.B. radio
I was breakin' for a copy
When someone answered back
In a voice that was sweet and low
He said, "I'm gonna' lay it on you
Where the rubber meets the road
It's the Lord talkin' to you
On your radio

It was the voice of Jesus
And I heard him say,
"Got an angel ridin' shotgun
And he's ridin' with you all the way"

I was flyin' like the wind
Breathin' fire like a dragon
When my diesel truck left the ground
Well, I thought that I was dreamin'
But the Lord was talkin' to me
Really layin' the gospel down
I was prayin' and repentin', laughin' and grinnin'
Thought my diesel truck was heaven bound
Then the angel hit the air brakes
And slowed my jimmy down
Made a three point landin'
About a mile from town

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 1978 Daniel Amos

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