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The Lasting Power by Thy Majestie

This is the story of Thy Majestie Arter, first knight of Hataria, son to
Heroid (king of the elves) and to Teresia (queen of Durnovaria).
Hataria is a small reign that stands in a forest populated by thousands of
creatures, who live in peace preserving a mystery: a millenary tree,
guardian of another dimension: the Gates of Return where Draita,
Lord of the Damned, and his troops have been sent by the ancient magic
of elf Ireen, hundreds of years ago. Now the tree is getting older and
its roots cannot stand anymore the power of the Dark Dimension. Thus the
forces of Damned, once free, can launch sudden attacks to Hataria.
They are looking for Hywelbane, the holy sword, the only one that can
fight Draita and close the Dimension. Arter, having noticed what happened,
is always ready to fight to keep the peace, and thanks to the help of the
fate he shows his bravery. In facts, after having lost his father, killed
by the troops of Draita, and having been betrayed by his servant Airo,
he will face several battles against the demonic creatures of Draita;
for Nymphis Syphirideis sake (Goddess of peace) and thanks to his friends
the Elves, he will beat the destiny, bringing back the light to the green
lands of Hataria.

Created by firestream - 2019 - Firestream Music Vault - made of magic and wires