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The Passing of Time by Betrayal

Early collection of Martyr/Betrayal material. This CD is a look back a how Martyr progressed to eventually become Betrayal. Released on Black and White Records in 2000, it includes "Imminent Warfare" from the demo by the same name, three of the four tracks from the "Frantic" demo, three tracks from an untitled (unreleased?) Martyr demo (Plead the Blood, Escaping the Altar, When Darkness Reigns) that later appeared on the official Betrayal album, and then three tracks from the first Betrayal demo before they got signed (Prophets of Baal, Fear Be Gone, Frantic).


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Apr 23, 2014 08:05:50 PM
Where do you get this???
#1Imminent Warfare
#3Impiously Deranged
#4Fallen Deceived
#5Plead The Blood
#6Escaping The Altar
#7When Darkness Reigns
#8Prophets Of Baal
#9Fear Be Gone
#10Frantic (CD Rom)
has lyrics

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