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Straight Ahead by Daniel Band

Rene Brossard: String Arranger
Allan Coffey: Jungle Noises
Daniel Band: Producer
Matt DelDuca: Drums, Percussion
Bill Findlay: Songwriter, Rhythm Guitar, Strings Synthesizer, Korg Poly 6, Salt Shaker, Background Vocals
George Graves: Mastered
Alex Kerr: Songwriter
Dan McCabe: Songwriter, Bass and Fretless Bass, Vocal Harmonies, Lead Vocals
Mary McCrossan: Songwriter
Tony Rossi: Songwriter, String Arranger, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Electric 12 String, Acoustic Guitar, Whammy Bar, Lead and Background Vocals
Mark Wright: Engineer, Mixed


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Aug 1, 2014 11:20:48 PM
Similar to Wendi Kaiser (REZ band).
Track 2-Their most recognizable catchy ballad.
Track 3-Title track "And it's the right road all the way home to heaven, and it's the right time to go straight ahead towards you, and it's the right way that leads us home to reason, straight ahead towards you."
Very, very good classic hard rock.
#1Power of Love
#2You're All I Need
#3Straight Ahead
#4Here I Am
#5T'ank You
#6Lustful Illusions
#8Come Into My Life
#9Comin' Home
#10In My Mind
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