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Not Alone by Unforsaken

1. Isolophobia 03:57
2. Prison Walls 03:52
3. Surrender 05:15
4. Brand New Day 03:27
5. Malice 04:46
6. I'm Not Alone 05:31
7. Land of Dreams 05:11
8. Echo 04:09
9. Here I Am Again 04:05
10. You Know What To Do 03:57
11. When Love Dies 05:23


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May 10, 2014 12:58:33 PM
The semi-acoustic numbers are great but I wouldn't put them above the metallic songs. The lighter songs have an EAGLES vibe to them as evidenced by the acoustic intros & great harmonies. Seems like every other song is a lighter one, they really mix things up. It is good to show versatility but perhaps they could have come up with a few more songs and then had 2 individual releases, one hard and one light(er). All of these songs are catchy.

Track 5 ends with 25 seconds of sounds of storm. Followed by track 6 starting off with an equal amount of sounds of rain. Tracks 1 & 6 have 'Not Alone' themes running through them.

Great album, I am liking everything about this release to include the very cool album cover.

I can see why ULT initially listed this as 1995, it is a throwback to the hey day of crunchy guitars, pounding drums, and heavy bass. I would consider it modern era classic metal.

Interesting make-you-think dialogue at the beginning of tracks 1 and 2.

This band is quickly becoming a favorite.
Aug 29, 2015 08:20:51 PM
Track 8 'Echo' is one of the heaviest Christian metal songs ever

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