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16 Horsepower EP by 16 Horsepower

American version: RIC002 - Ricochet Records 1995
American version, 2nd print: 31454 0436-2 - A&M Records 1995

Australian version: 540 436-2 - Polygram Records 1995

Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California, USA.
Produced by Micheal W. Douglass and Alex Reed.

David Eugene Edwards: guitar, banjo & bandoneon
Keven Soll: stand up & flat top bass
Jean-Yves Tola: drums


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I Gotta Gal (2:05)

I gotta gal
An she's so fair
Those eyes the blackest hair
Behind those ...

I gotta gal
An she's so fine
All the boys stand in line
Keep your hands to yourself boy tonight

Copyright 1995 16 Horsepower

#2South Pennsylvania Waltz5:15
#4Staight-Mouth Stomp1:52
#5Coal Black Horses3:49
#6I Gotta Gal2:05
has lyrics

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