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Thorns of Redemption - The Compilation Volume 1 by VARIOUS

A compilation from The Christian Metal Realm. Several band posts at the CMR and several of those bands donated songs towards this compilation CD to help promote and raise money for the discussion board.

Most of these songs are demos.


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Jun 16, 2014 10:30:55 PM
This is one heavy compilation. Where's vol 2? I searched for this for for a couple of years. While I enjoy the music here, vocals kill some songs for me.

As you may know, comps are great way to familiarize yourself with many bands in one sitting. The record label hopes you will buy more of what you like. But comps can also be useful in confirming bands on your 'like' list. For me this comp confirmed that I indeed still like:

3, 4, 10, 15!!, 16

Plus I've added these to my 'need more of this' list:

6?, 7, 8, 9?, 12, 13

Trog's song is an amazing 11 minutes of this 71 minute compilation!

FYI, I listened blindly. That is, I didn't look to see what was performed by whom. Try it with others comps.
#1"Heart Of Metal" - Ultimatum (unreleased demo)
#2"I Won't" - Faithbomb (from "Bleed")
#3"Deliverance" - Missionary One (from "The Future's Already Known")
#4"Sands Of Time" - Betrayer (from "Rusted Icons")
#5"Ripped In Two" - Metanoia (unreleased demo)
#6"Sackcloth And Ashes" - Benevolence (unreleased demo)
#7"You'll Like It" - Time Spent Burning (from "Burned")
#8"The Light" - Illuminandi (from "Demo II")
#9"Wounded Angel" - Neviah Nevi (unreleased demo)
#10"Fallen World" - Troglodyte Dawn (single edit)
#11"Hyposcrisy" - Mindkor (single release)
#12"Devil Run" - Angry Little Freak (from "Angry Little Freak")
#13"6 Feet Under" - Elijah's Ride (unreleased demo)
#14"Scapegoat" - Feast Of Frozen Ignorance (unreleased demo)
#15"Before My Eyes" - F.O.G. (from "Visibility Clearing")
#16Take It Back - Liberty 'N' Justice (unreleased demo)
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