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Reality in Focus by Magnitude Nine

1. No Turning Back 06:32 [view lyrics]
2. What My Eyes Have Seen 05:35 [view lyrics]
3. Far Beyond Illusion 05:40 [view lyrics]
4. Afterlife 09:10 [view lyrics]
5. The End Of Days 04:37 [view lyrics]
6. Lost Along The Way 04:34 [view lyrics]
7. Flight Of Icarus (Iron Maiden Cover) 03:52 [view lyrics]
8. Temples Of Gold 06:21 [view lyrics]
9. Quiet Desperation 05:16 [view lyrics]
10. Mind Over Fear 07:30

The album cover to the left is the Brazilian (Megahard) cover. InsideOut also pressed this CD with a completely different cover.


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Mar 17, 2014 10:45:12 PM
MAGNIFIQUE! Vocals take on more a Queensryche-lyche sound. I've never heard a grander cover of IM's 'Flight of Icarus'. Yet, the most blatant Godly lyrics in this album are in that song, LOL.

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