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Live At Cornerstone 2001-Greatest Hits Videos by VARIOUS

Official DVD release compiling three tracks each from the 2001 Cornerstone 80's Metal Retro Night. A full CD was released for each of the band's as well. Deliverance were left off the DVD by the band's own request.

1. "Same Old Sinner
2. "Until the End We Rock"
3. "Hell No"
4. "Take Us Away"
5. "Alive"
6. "Dreams"
Sacred Warrior
7. "Come On"
8. "Day by Day"
9. "Temples on Fire"
10. "Don't Turn Away"
11. "It's War"
12. "I Will Sing Forever"
Daniel Band
13. "I'm Sorry"
14. "Run From the Darkness"
15. "Walk on the Water"
16. "The Rain"
17. "Power Of Love"
18. "Never Say Goodbye"


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Apr 22, 2014 09:49:59 AM
But still I am grateful there was footage saved from this metal retro night. Several legend bands from back in the day all in one place at one time. Wish I could have been there, but this is the next best thing. 1-1/2 hours of 18 songs divided among 6 of some of the best bands from back in the day. Only Dan Band plays their more well known songs. Strange that the bands are much more animated than the audience, I think someone spiked the punch with a case of 'SUBDUE'. The audio and editing is quite good. But this is one of the poorest quality videos in the vault, yet one of the best amateurish Cornerstone videos I have among the ton of Cornerstone bootlegs.

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