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Fatal Delay by Ultimatum

This is the first demo this band released. 'Fatal Delay' does not have the thrash-metal sound that Ultimatum evolved into on later releases. Back then they played more straight forward heavy metal. The sound quality on this recording is not very good, but you have to remember that this is a no-budget demo release. I like the title-track the best. "All I Need" was originally recorded by Angelic Force (Steve and Roberts former band). If you are a fan of the band, this is a cool collector's item, but it's not essential.

The title track and "Wickedness & Perdition" from this demo were added as bonus tracks on the 2007 reissue of "Symphonic Extremities".

Copies of this demo sell for over $20 on Ebay.


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#1Wickedness & Perdition
#2Fatal Delay
#3All I Need
#4Plea For Holiness
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