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Once Dead by Vengeance Rising


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Jul 30, 2014 11:21:19 PM
Oldschooldoom is ready to listen to some old school thrash. It all thrashes but I like how each song is refreshingly different. Another VR album I have never listened to from start to finish until recently as I assumed this was just not my cup of thrash. Again, excellent old school hybrid thrash and semi-coherent lyrics like Human Sac.
Kicks off with the Lord's Prayer.
'The Whipping Post' just might be one of the best songs I have cheated myself out of for decades.
'Space Truckin' brings me back to my roots. Out of place here but musically well done.
'Out of the Will' is old school punk.
'Into the Abyss' starts off like live 'Dazed & Confused'. Robbed myself again!
Album name inspired the band name much later.
Dec 10, 2015 08:08:29 PM
Space Trucking is a cover version of a Deep Purple song.

Cut Into Pieces ()

His hands were ripped right from the limbs, t'was dagon
His head was broke off his torso, this false god
You'll find that great destruction comes from Gods hand
As it will across the earth, deniers beware

Cut into pieces

In the days, when there was no king in Israel
All did that which was right in their own eyes
Sex offence, and murder, they cared not for God
Said, strike them down for this, it is coming again

Cut into pieces

Levite took the knife and sliced her up
Because of the sin that had been in Gibeah
Immoral man in sex, outside God's will which
God gave for man in marriage, not to be profaned

Cut into pieces

Warn the world, The Master comes, be aware
Separate now yourself unto him
Or you will be found in the left of judgement
Consecration in the son, or eternal hell

Cut In Two Pieces

Copyright 1990 Vengeance Rising

#2Can't Get Out
#3Cut Into Pieces
#4Frontal Lobotomy
#5Herod's Violent Death
#6The Whipping Post
#8Space Truck'in
#9Out Of The Will
#10The Wrath To Come
#11Into The Abyss
#12Among The Dead
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