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Inhabit by Living Sacrifice

Original R.E.X. release: REX41002-2
UPC: 092604100224

Reissued in 1999 by Solid State Records w/ different artwork (by Samuel Durling) and some remastering.

Cover scan of re-issue


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Breathing Murder (4:26)

Breathing murder upon
The early church
Destruction, the new faith to hurt
Fueled by zeal, a twisted perception
Creating disorder a morbid obsession
Profession of faith to persecute
From heaven a voice, journey refute
Falling to the ground
To arise without sight
Holy Spirit fill,
Falling scales from smite
Conspiracy to kill voice of conversion
Speaking freely, a bold proclamation

Copyright 1994 Living Sacrifice

#1In the Shadow2:48
#2Not Beneath6:32
#3Sorrow Banished2:57
#6Breathing Murder4:26
#7Mind Distant5:41
has lyrics

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