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Inhabit by Living Sacrifice

Original R.E.X. release: REX41002-2
UPC: 092604100224

Reissued in 1999 by Solid State Records w/ different artwork (by Samuel Durling) and some remastering.

Cover scan of re-issue


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In the Shadow (2:48)

In the shadow power
No foe can withstand
Angels lifting up
As the Lord commands
Under His wings shall be found
Refuge and fortress
Not to fear the terror
That stalks in the darkness
In accessible, secret
Place of the Most High
Observe the wicked
Punishment, justify
Dwelling in Christ
(No) evil shall befall
With long life
Salvation enthrall
Spiritual concerns,
Consent of humanity
In His spirit and purpose,
Liberating entry
Particular gloom effected,
Closed hesitation
Not enchanted
By superstitions impressions
Not to fear in the darkness
In the shadow refuge and fortress

Copyright 1994 Living Sacrifice

#1In the Shadow2:48
#2Not Beneath6:32
#3Sorrow Banished2:57
#6Breathing Murder4:26
#7Mind Distant5:41
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