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The Mechanics of Perilous Times by Ultimatum

Ultimatum's third full-length release of power thrash metal and a fine release it is! Technical speed riffing and biting vocal shrieks are present once more as Ultimatum cranks it up a notch for their most intense release to date. Overall this is the fastest and heaviest cd Ultimatum has put out. Fans of late 80's early 90's thrash metal like Anthrax, Exodus, Metal Church, Tourniquet and Vengeance Rising will love this disc.

Released in the U.S. in 2000 directly through the band.
Released in Europe in 2001 on Gutter/Massacre Records.


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Crash Couse ()

Living life like in reckless abandon,
ignoring the signs like lifeís just begun.
Eternity is a long time to place into the hands of chance.

So many asking, so many searching,
the truth is right before their eyes.
Life is but a small speck,
In a vast eternity, arise.

Crash Course with Eternity
Faced with the truth, c'mon what will it be
Crash course with Eternity
Life's not a game why can't you see

In an instant, life can change;
one minute your here then your gone.
Mortality is a short time but
Spiritual life will never die

I've said it before I'll say it a gain,
delay can be fatal, in the end.
In betweeners won't survive.
In a vast eternity, arise.

So it shall be, the end of the age,
angels shall come to separate,
sever the wicked from the just.
How much longer will He wait
'til his patience turns to wrath.
Eternally separated.
In a vast eternity, arise

Copyright 2000 Ultimatum

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