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The Mechanics of Perilous Times by Ultimatum

Ultimatum's third full-length release of power thrash metal and a fine release it is! Technical speed riffing and biting vocal shrieks are present once more as Ultimatum cranks it up a notch for their most intense release to date. Overall this is the fastest and heaviest cd Ultimatum has put out. Fans of late 80's early 90's thrash metal like Anthrax, Exodus, Metal Church, Tourniquet and Vengeance Rising will love this disc.

Released in the U.S. in 2000 directly through the band.
Released in Europe in 2001 on Gutter/Massacre Records.


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The Greed Regime, Inc. ()

Get what you can get while the gettingís gotten good.
Command your god machine today, greeds are understood.
Believe you shall, believe I must, in faith I put my trust.
Cosmic jeanie in the sky, itís riches that I lust. Lies

Healing it is guaranteed if you give today.
Your god machine is powerless unless you plant your seed.
The suffering lack in faith in their sins they will burn
as I sit in luxury with the gifts that I have earned. Lies

Greed Regime it wants you now, promises you gold
Greed Regime Calls you in, if youíll sell you soul
The Greed Regime it gives to get, religion for a dream
A Cultic Scheme Is calling out, Indulgence is my name.

Like Robin Hood of old, but in the opposite,
steel from the poor to get rich and buy expensive cars.
I'll feed of their needs and insecurities.
Increase in your faith when you give your cash to me.

Just think about your faith my friend,who do you put it in?
Do you love for what you get or just for who He is?
Can we reduce Almighty God to (an) indulgent Santa Clause?
Jehovah God will not be mocked, He doesn't live by our laws!

Copyright 2000 Ultimatum

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#2The Greed Regime, Inc.
#3Perilous Times
#4Shroud Of Science
#5 The Purging
#6Crash Couse
#7Warlord's Sword
#10 Violence & Bloodshed
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