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Blue by Phil Keaggy

Blue is a remix of Crimson and Blue.
Blue is the title of a 1993 album by guitarist Phil Keaggy, released on Epic Records. Blue was released in the mainstream market simultaneously with Keaggy's album, Crimson and Blue, which was geared to the Christian market. The most significant differences are the inclusion of three different songs (Keaggy's cover of the Badfinger song, "Baby Blue"; "All Our Wishes"; and "The Further Adventures of..." from the Revelator EP) and the exclusion of five songs from Crimson and Blue ("Love Divine," "Reunion Of Friends," "Stone Eyes," "I Will Be There," and "Nothing But The Blood.") In addition, several of the tracks on Blue are reworked.

Phil Keaggy: guitars, lead vocals.
John Sferra: drums.
Wade Jaynes: bass.
Phil Madeira: Hammond B-3, keyboards, & background vocals.
Lynn Nichols: Background vocals and guitar
Mike Mead: Percussion & Background vocals.
Ashley Cleveland: Background vocals.
John Mark Painter: Mellotron & trumpet.
Jimmy A: Background vocals.
Bernadette, Alicia and Olivia Keaggy: Background vocals.


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Aug 9, 2014 06:55:55 PM
My second favorite release from Phil as this is a remix of sorts of 'Crimson & Blue' (my #1). This is one of the top albums to showcase Phil's Skills. Excellent songwriting too. Come to think of it, this just might be my #1 fave from PK considering the added 3 songs. But at the expense of removing 5 songs makes it a difficult decision. Now some of the songs have extended jamming. PK proves to me that it does not have to be metal to receive 1*2*3*4*5* five worthy stars.

Track 5 is an old blues numbers from the deep south.
#1Doin' Nothin'
#2Don't Pass Me By
#3Baby Blue
#4All There Is To Know
#5John the Revelator
#6World of Mine
#7Everywhere I Look
#8The Further Adventures Of....
#9All Our Wishes
#10When Will I Ever Learn to Live In God
#11Shouts of Joy
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