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Glass Harp by Glass Harp

Decca Records


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Jun 25, 2014 11:07:41 PM
Yes, this is really old. Among the oldest in the vault.
Yes, this is really good for it's time. Among the few transition bands from the Jesus music era to succeed into the full-on christian hard rock sound.

I realize this album and band will not appeal to everyone. These pioneers helped steer the course more than 40 years ago! It is good to acknowledge that this album broke much ground not only for them but for Christian music. This album came out while the band was in transition with their personal lives too. It is quite apparent from the lyrics that the members had either just become or were becoming Christian. Phil is still rocking today.
#1Can You See Me
#2Children's Fantasy
#4Village Queen
#5Black Horse
#7Whatever Life Demands
#8Look In the Sky
#10On Our Own
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Nothing to see here

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