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100 Million Eyeballs by Miss Angie

Myrrh Records release 7017024613 (UPC 080688530228)

Produced by Oran Thornton and David Zaffiro, except ** produced by Shawn Turner and Dan Fritz

From Amazon's description:
Miss Angie is a fresh new artist to hit the Christian modern rock music scene. Her debut album, 100 Million Eyeballs blends modern rock with pop for a youthful feel. Produced by a couple members of johnny Q. public, including her boyfriend, Oran Thornton.

Click here for three song-samples.

You could call it "intricately textured, guitar-heavy, modern rock" or "a creative post-grunge, rhythm-driven, wall of sound" or even "an unexpected and captivating mesh of old and new influences held together by a naive vocal styling and a healthy sense of humor."

But you may as well save yourself the trouble and just call it "rock and roll." When 21-year-old Angie Turner (aka Miss Angie) tries to describe the music on her Myrrh Records debut, 100 Million Eyeballs, her descriptions never turn flowery. "It's just stardusty, rock and roll," she says, smiling for a moment before adding the postscript: "...with a girl singer."


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