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Warning by Clear Convictions

Strike First release: SFR015
UPC: 803847901529

Cover art by Dave Quiggle.

"Puerto Rico is home to a thriving hardcore scene and Clear Convitictions are one of the longest running bands there on the island. They are a staple in the PRHC scene and have supported bands like Madball, No Innocent Victim, Figure Four, Sinai Beach and Bloody Sunday on their Puerto Rican tours. Musically they play heavy hardcore with a slight metal influence and have drawn comparisons to Figure Four, Hatebreed, Earth Crisis and Madball!" -Strike First Records


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Warning ()

why, why you ignore me
I'm telling you the truth
his mercy set me free
he wants the same for you
so listen carefully, time is running out
this world is going to end someday
i hope you open your eyes
you want to stay blind to ignore
the reality we are living
but it is the truth
this maybe is the end
so, raise your fist and
let god take control
it's not religion it's a secure option
there is no other way to be saved

Copyright 2005 Clear Convictions

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