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Eternal Decision by Eternal Decision

After being out of print for almost two years, Eternal Decision have finally re-released their debut album on their own record label, Godfather Records. Over 53 minutes of bone crushing, groove pounding metal to satisfy anyone who is a fan of heavy music! Comparisons to Metallica and Pantera have been made but these Oklahoman's have enough original hooks of their own to make this a stellar release.

Originally released on Cling Records. Artwork shown is re-issue, not original.


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Power ()

The King was born in
Bethlehem and raised a Nazarene.
The Cornerstone begins His ministry
in Galilee.

Power from above.
Power to rule with love.

Prophet, teacher, savior.
Gods begotten Son.
He heals the sick
The blind to see, the
Christ has finally come.

Power, His story
Power, His glory
I'm not ashamed of the
Gospel of Christ
This is the power that
brings us new life
Power, The mercy gate
Power, a new life by faith

Persecuted by government
they could not understand
How could this Jesus before
them be both God and man
He was crushed for out evil
Punished in our place
He died for us, He rose again
Receive his saving grace


Copyright 1997 Eternal Decision

#3The Search
#5Things I Say
#7Imminent Destruction
#12Stomping Ground
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