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7-The Best of Stryper by Stryper

Greatest Hits CD featuring two newly recorded songs: "Something" and "For You", featuring all the original members.


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Lady ()

I see you standin' there, oh so fine
I can't believe my eyes Girl, I
just can't seem to make you mine
No matter how hard I try

I've never wanted any one more than you
Girl, I'm hopin' that you're wantin' me too

Lady, I wanna be your man

Won't you tell me what I've gotta do
To win over your heart
This feeling inside is something new
It's tearin' me apart

I never dreamed I would meet someone like you
Won't you tell me that you're feelin' it too

[Repeat Chorus]

Baby, I'll love you all I can

Copyright 2003 Stryper

#2For You
#3Shining Star
#5All For One
#6In God We Trust
#7Always There For You
#8To Hell WIth the Devil
#9Callin on You
#12The Way
#13Soldiers Under Command
#14Makes me wanna sing
#15Reach Out
#16From Wrong to Right
#17Loving You
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