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The Yellow And Black Attack (re-issue) by Stryper

Originally released in 1984 as a 6 song EP, two new recordings were added and re-released in 1986 on Enigma Records. This is the full-length release.


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From Wrong to Right ()

[Verse 1]
I've changed my ways from wrong to right.
The devil never pays, no, he robs just like a thief in the night
So many bands give the devil all the glory
It's hard to understand, we want to change the story
We want to rock one way, on and on.
You'll see the light some day
All say Jesus is the way.

[Verse 2]
Satan is a fool and it's so insane.
Some people think he's cool, you play with fire,
You'll feel the pain.
Why lose when you could win? Give God a try.
The devil's not your friend, the truth is not a lie.
I've changed my ways from wrong to wright
Evil never pays, no, the truth is not a lie.

[Repeat Chorus]

Copyright 1986 Stryper

#1Loud and Clear
#2From Wrong to Right
#3My Love I'll Always Show
#4You Know What to Do
#5C'Mon Rock
#6You Won't Be Lonely
#7Loving You
#8Reason for the Season6:33
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