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1956 by Soul Junk

"You may ask, "What style of music do they play?" And that's hard to explain. For the most part 1956 is tricked out hip-hop, with evangelism in the lyrics. But they can't be stuck in the hip-hop category. That would be like saying Beck is an "alternative" performer. True, they do have a few tracks that are straight up San Diego hip-hop: "ill-mi-i", "3po soul", "pumpfake", "the peacemaker." But there is some lo-fi rock similar to Gogogo Airheart, or Guided By Voices in the songs: "sarpodyl", "judah", "sweet to my soul (white hot apostle mix)." There is also some drum and bass tracks: "sea monsters & gargoyles" (featuring guest MC Pigeon John), "red top" (featuring pish posh). So you can't nor should you try to categorize Soul-Junk because to do so, would defeat their purpose of being a band. It's their "free structured, no boundaries" style that makes them who they are. And as the saying goes, 'variety is the spice of life.'" -Phantom Tollbooth


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