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Glimpses of Grace by Terry Scott Taylor

"Although it's been said many times, I repeat it again here: Terry Taylor is a legend. Or at least he should be. Throughout his career with Daniel Amos, the Swirling Eddies and Lost Dogs, he's had to deal with critical acclaim coupled with a complete lack of commercial success. Last October brought the release of a DA greatest hits album, Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits, and KMG has now introduced a sequel: Glimpses of Grace: The Best of Terry Scott Taylor. As the title suggests this disc doesn't contain songs from DA or Swirling Eddies records, but rather from Taylor's three solo records: Knowledge and Innocence, A Briefing for the Ascent and last year's John Wayne, along with a few oddities thrown in from other recordings. All in all, there are eighteen tracks, which are fairly equally distributed from the three albums." -Phantom Tollbooth


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