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Fading Beauty by Morphia

Fear Dark release: FD013
UPC: 9715440002768

Fading Beauty album produced by Morphia
All songs and lyrics written and performed by Morphia and published by Salisbury

Morphia are:
Jasper Pieterson - lead vocals
Roger Koedoot - guitars, vocals
Martin Koedoot - guitars
Peter van Tulder - synths, vocals
Erik van Tulder - bass, vocals
Ernst-Jan Lemmen - drums
Bert Bonestroo - sound engineer

Special thanks to:
Esther Wertwijn - violins on track Meaning of Forever II and Memories never Die

Band photography by Jacob Reiding
Booklet design by Peter van Tulder
Booklet photography by Erik en Peter van Tulder

Harrow Studios 2004

Fear Dark

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Jun 25, 2014 11:46:35 PM
For me this is yet another example of great music destroyed by The Cookie Monster. Actually there are 3 vocals styles in this album. Mr Monster and another semi-coherent growler makes the third "normal" vocalists seem wimpy by comparison. Fortunately most vocals are sung in the normal style. That said, all the lyrics I can understand appear to be Godly. My favorite is track 9 which happens to be an instrumental.

Make-U-think artwork. The picture is perfectly divided down the middle.
#1Meaning Of Forever I
#2Of Stars And Flowers
#3Meaning Of Forever II
#4Fading Beauty
#5Nothing More To See
#6Memories Never Die
#7What Once Was
#8Sound Of Violence
#9Meaning Of Forever III
has lyrics

Nothing to see here

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